The Prompt was to remix a game on Scratch to learn some Game Development skills.

  • My project is a game where a person must use the arrow keys to bounce the ball and collect as many oranges as possible.
  • I did not plan anything out, I just went for the project.
  • We were instructed to make 4 changes to an already made Scratch Game.


  • My process was to change some of the game coding to make it my own and function how I wanted it to.
  • I had problems with remembering what codes to use for each object in the game.
  • I asked an instructor for help or I kept trying to fix it until I got it right.


  • Next, I would like to try and create my own game on Scratch.
  • I liked the feeling of being able to add my own ideas to someone else's game.
  • I would have made some more changes on the way the arrow keys work when trying to bounce the ball.