How was the canal developed? Well, canals are man made channels of water. The canal was developed to transport goods, supplies, and other items easily, up or down stream. They were also used to explore. Over time canals have been used for transport of items, now they are being used for boat tours and cruises. Canals have gone from small town side streams to large rivers that may even go through citys!

 What problem did it solve? The need to transport things quickly. If civilizations wanted to transport on land they would encounter rough jungle in some places, or crazy inaccessible lands scape in other places. With the canal they could use ships or boats and get down stream fast to the next city or town.

  How did it make life better then and now? It allowed fast transportation of whatever needed to be transported. It also allowed easy transportation of Military ships if they needed to move positions.  

  What if any, problems did it create both then and now? Workers who helped  build canals be came very dirty from working in the mud and the bad minerals that the may have been in the ground around the are they were building in. Some workers also drowned in progress of making canals deeper. In modern time we have safer and more effective ways of building canals.

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