7.MEH.1.1 My Feelings

By: Taylor Wachowicz

Drawing Makes Me Happy

Drawing makes me happy because it's something I love to do and it lets me express myself.

This Makes Me Laugh

This makes me laugh because it is just something that me and my friends would say to each other and my family always jokes about it.

Dancing makes me feel good

Dancing makes me feel good because it can be very calming and it can let you feel like a completely different person.

This make me feel helpful

Helping, giving, and participating as part of a team makes me feel helpful.

This makes me sad

When one of my best friends moved away it made me very sad.

This makes me scared

The actual board itself doesn't scare me but the thought of using it and all of the stories I have heard does.

This makes me feel thankful

Having such a great loving and caring family makes me very thankful that they are in my life.

This makes me feel important

It makes me feel important when people tell me how much I mean to them and when they tell me I made their day a little bit better.

This makes me angry

It makes me angry when you realize how fake some of your friends are and that they are just using you.

This makes me have hope

This makes me have hope that one day I will be a wonderful dancer and will be able to dance professionally.

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