Leif Eriksson

      Leif Eriksson was born in 960 in Iceland. Leif lived there his whole childhood. Leif was the second of three children. They practiced exploring when they were young. Exploration was in Leif Eriksson’s family’s blood, in fact his father, Erik the Red, was an explorer too. Leif grew up and became a Norse explorer. Just like his father, he sailed the sea and found many different lands.

      Exploration had always been in Leif Eriksson’s family's blood. Leif grew up wanting so much to be like his father Eric the Red. As he got older he got closer to becoming an explorer. It wasn’t only his father that inspired him to be an explorer, it was many other things for example, he wanted to someday find another great place to live and he soon did. Leif was inspired by many things throughout his life.

      Leif had went through many tough parts in his voyages. When he first sailed in search of new land he saved a sinking ship and all of the people on it. As a reward for saving them, the people on the sinking ship gave him some of the food and jewelry that they still had. When Leif and his crew landed on a strange land they had to settle there for the whole winter. Leif found out that his Father and Brother had died before he returned home. He was very sad but didn’t let that stop him from making other accomplishments.

      Leif Eriksson explored many different places but most are unknown because it was so long ago when he explored. The known places that he explored are, Nova Scotia which he called Vineland because of the wild grapes growing on the island. Leif also explored part of North America, Baffin Island which he called Helluland, Labrador which he called Markland, and present day New Brunswick. He explored those places because he was in search of new land where he could settle.

      Their were many difficulties during his voyages. On Leif’s first voyage, his ship had went off course because of the wind. When Leif Landed on a strange island he wanted to be able to go home again so they had to build a shelter to keep their ship safe from the harsh winter weathers. After winter it was very hard traveling home because they had no maps to lead them home, they only had the sky and land.

      Leif Eriksson explored many lands, even though finding some lands were unintentional. Leif had discovered amazing items during his voyages that we should never forget. He went through hard parts of his life. That means he also achieved many things. Leif was an amazing explorer who wouldn’t stop until he found the perfect land to settle on. Leif was a great explorer who taught many people about life.