Back 2 the 60's

The sweetest all-you-can-eat in Barcelona

What is "Back 2 the 60's" like?

Back 2 the 60's is the only all-you-can-eat sweet restaurant in Barcelona. It is set in the period of the 60's where the staff rides on rollerblades and the furniture and the decoration make you feel like if you were in Grease film.

What can you have in
"Back 2 the 60's"?

In this restaurant, to make you feel totally in the 60's, all you can eat has a special name to remind you this fabulous period of time. You can have...


  • Fidel Castro (Black coffee): 1€
  • Che Guevara (Cappucino):1,50€
  • John F. Kennedy (White coffee): 1€
  • Jimi Hendrix (Hot chocolate w/ marshmallows): 2€
  • Elvis Presley (Milkshakes):
    Small: 1€
    Medium: 1,50€
    Large: 2€

Delicious snacks:

  • The Beatles (Banana Split): 3,50€
  • Marilyn Monroe (Ice-Cream):
    1 Scoop: 1€
    2 Scoops: 2€
    3 Scoops: 2,50€
  • Frank Sinatra (Crêpes): 1€
  • Mick Jagger (Cupcakes): 1,50€
  • Pelé (Brownies): 1,50€
  • Bob Dylan (Muffins): 1€
  • Neil Amstrong (Piece of cake): 1€
  • The Who (Cheesecake): 1,50€

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