Abiotic & Biotic Factors Project.

1. Describe the difference between abiotic and biotic factors.

Biotic factors are alive, while abiotic factors are not

2. Explain how abiotic and biotic factors interact with each other.

Biotic factors rely on the abiotic factors for water & sunlight.

3. A desert is an example of an ecosystem. Give an example of another ecosystem and list 5 examples of biotic/abiotic factors that might still exist there.

A rainforest, trees, rain, birds, incects, frogs, and monkeys.

What would happen if 5 of the abiotic/biotic factors disappeared from this ecosystem? Explain.

If those 5 abiotic/biotic factors disappeared, every thing would be extinct. If it stopped  raining, water will adventually dry up, so all living things would die of dehydration.