MMS Jacket Buzz

October Edition Part 2

Jacket Pride

Each year the MMS student body looks forward to one of the best pep rallies of the year, the boy cheerleader pep rally. On October 9, 2014 we had the boys' pep rally. Basically the concept of the pep rally is the cheerleaders pick a boy to be their cheerleader. The boys get to do a dance and 2 cheers. One cheer by themselves and one with the girls. The guys wear one of the girls’ uniforms and the cheerleaders wear the boys’ football jersey. The girls also put makeup on the boys. The event is really fun for all! Peyton Hass won the competition, because he had the ‘best’ makeup on. Ally Perkins did his makeup. Also, 6th grade won the victory yell for that week's pep rally.

New Year, New Faces

Coach Hawkins

Photo Credit by Shaw Franklin

Coach Hawkins attended college at Southern University in Houston, Texas. He is now a volleyball and basketball coach for the seventh grade girls. He is a father of 3, he has a 6 year old, 7 year old and an 11 year old and one new baby. “Almost enough for a basketball team,” coach adds. Coach Hawkin’s last place to coach was with the Little Dribblers in Lindale. Coach Hawkin’s goal at the beginning of the year was to make every girl that plays volleyball better than when they started. He said that the teams have accomplished that goal. The goal now is to win district.

Student Council

Red Ribbon Week

Student of the Month

Brady Gully

Brady Kyle Gully is the October student of the month. He is 12 years old his birthday is May 11. His favorite color is blue and his favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing football basketball and running track. He is also involved in school organizations as in F.C.A and Builders Club. His parents are Kyle and Christi Gully, his brother is Bailey Gully. Brady plans on furthering his his football career at Texas A&M.

Academic Beat

8th Grade Science

Girls Basketball Preview

Coach Hawkins is the 7th grade girls basketball coach this year. Coach expects the 7th grade girls to know how to play basketball the right way and to take the win in district. Coach Hawkins played basketball when he was in middle school as a forward. Coach Hawkins likes to coach basketball, because he likes the teamwork used in basketball. The participants on the 7th grade A-Team are Meghan Brewington, Kelsey Brewington, Cyndi Butler, Tiara Stephens, Kaitlyn Burrell, Chloe Cormier, Sabria Dean, Claudia Barrigga, Jessiah Riley, and Alyssa Cannon. Their first game is on November 10.

MMS Girls Basketball Schedule


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