Japan day  2

by hannah


rule:they must not harm unless its the last option.

reason:we do not want the people to think that we are heartless and rebel.

rule:they get as much food as they need.

reason they are the people that protects us.


rule:they have to farm what the government tell them.

reason:so the government can control how much money the peasants get.


rule:there only allowed to make a certain amount of items.

reason:so we do not get to many artifices.


rule:they can only sell what the government wants .

reason:so the government can control there wealth.


rule:they have to stay in the house and not leave.

reason:so we can control them.

rule:they must raise the kids right or they will be put into slavery.

reason:we must not let any bad eggs through the system.


rule: they must always let the higher classes go first.

reason:we do not want to be associated we them.

the rules for Japan,

rule:the people must never talk about the government in a bad way.

reason we don't want the people to think  they can rebel.

rule:the people must not through away any food or item.

reason:people have worked hard to make or grow the products and we must not waste.

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