What is a SuperHero?

"Superhero" A term that has many meanings but has become timeless, they invade our televisions, our film, our culture as an entirety. But what truly makes a superhero well, super? Is it the clothes? The powers? The tragedy that leads one to embrace a life dedicated to protecting others? Throughout this project we will look at some of the core traits/character archetypes commonly associated with superheroes, peek into how another culture views the idea of superheroics, question why we like brooding heroes with fringe morality and, attempt to see if we can create something similar.

As this project deals heavily with pop culture and cultural differentiation, we will attempt not only to create our own superhero but also create a simple back story that takes cues from the information gathered across the various websites provided.

The Project is to be completed/approached as follower:

1) A pre-test-esque Crossword to gauge just how many superheroes you know will be completed, this can be done in groups to maximize your mental powers.

2) Groups/students are to look at some of the provided pages provided to see some 'official' definitions, as well as some of the typical archetypes/styles common among superheroes and find one example of each of the following: A Cape, A Cowl, An Anti-Villain, A Sidekick, A Chosen One, A Henshin Hero, A Tragic Hero and, an Antihero.

3) Using your examples from exercise two, can you find any information outside of the provided websites to find a minimum two details over each example, and why they may apply to this character being grouped under this specific category.

4) Now, using the "Xavier/Strange inner strength page" Provided, write down the first four words that you see and then visit the link entitled "Hero Creation" and design a hero incorporating the meaning/idea behind those words in some way.

5) Students are to present there creation, and explain the character's powers/origin as well as how the traits reflected in the provided wordscramble are reflected in the superheroes design.

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