*Shayne Coffey

  • We are looking for someone who can be brave, but can take responsibility off and on the line of duty.
  • We respond to House Fires, mvc's "Motor Vehicle Crash," Emt calls, etc. Yes we are a first responder station witch is apart of your courses you will be put through at academy.
  • The working conditions are, cold, wet, dry, sunny, snow, thunder, lighting, almost anything due to mother nature we will be working. And you will have to have skills, leadership, responsibility, know your fire science at all times, and be safe.
  • What we are good about here, is that we can work around your schedule, but only get 2-4 days off during the week or weekends.
  • $21.92 hourly, $45,600 annual, is the approximate amount of money you will getting for working here with us.
  • The skills you need for firefighting is tying knots, athletic, strong, have a good prediction.
  • You can have a 2.0 gpa and up
  • will be making 21.92 dollars an hour
  • You will need to put on the paper if you have been with any other fields related to firefighting, or let us know.
  • The growth potential is good here
  • The careers that would help u here is volunteering or was a past firefighter st another station
  • 865-964-3146 is my number call anytime
  • You can find us a 1069 j.j watt lane

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