The art of playing the guitar

Playing to guitar may seem simple, it may seem tough, but practice makes perfect

I have played guitar for about 6 years now and it's been tough. Many mistakes, tons of hard work, and a lot of time!

I have spent most of my life teaching my self how to play. May it be spending time on youtube tutorials or look up tabs and chords for every song I enjoyed. I never had a teacher to explain things to me, I just figured out. My biggest inspiration comes from my family.

I started playing my cousins and uncles guitar. Even though I wasn't supposed to, but when they left to another room I would pick up the guitar and just play untill they made me stop. Sometimes it was just for minutes, some times for hours. My mom started to notice how much I enjoyed playing the guitar, and by my 13th birthday she got me my very own guitar!

I began immediately playing. The first day I got it I probably played 10 hours. At the time it hurt my fingers a lot to play, but I did it anyways. Over the next two weeks I had already learned 3 of my favorite songs. After about 3 years of playing I joined the band at my local church and played there till our leader had to leave state. Through all the struggle I knew if I continued I would get really good at it and I did. I accomplished my dream. :)

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