CyberSecurity is a Web

By Syed Haider

  • 1. The field of cyber security "focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction"(UMUC) There are many available jobs in the cyber security field. This is due to the fact that corporations need their websites to be protected as well as the information that they have. Businesses, corporations, and governments contain a large amount of information on computers. They need people to ensure that their confidential information is protected and with the amount of sophisticated attacks growing, various organizations are searching for those who have knowledge of cyber security. This is being seen as "the top threat to national security, even [above] terrorism"(UMUC).
  • 2. Cyber security professionals probably have a great deal of tasks to do, but their primary one involve protecting corporations from cyber attacks. Cyber attacks have caused a lot of destruction in certain organizations infrastructures. Thus, we need cyber security professionals to protect not only corporations, but also the American people. They can create sophisticated firewalls and ensure that “hackers” aren’t able to penetrate them. There have been various attacks that have been on the American public, yet no one knows about them. Why would a bank let the public know they were attacked? In addition, “hackers” are capable of bringing down an entire country just through its “Scada Systems.” (New York Times) Cyber security professionals are very important in today’s society.
  • 3. Being a gadget addict is very important since you must know how various devices work. You must understand what devices can be used to attack website or program. Solving problems seems to be essential since you need to figure out what happens if you are being attacked. Saving the day is always something any cyber security specialist needs to do. In a cyber-security attack, one must be able to handle overwhelming situations. One must able to stop it from being completed. In addition, cyber security professionals must be good listeners and be creative. Creativity is very important in solving problems. If one is a good listener, then it will be easy for one to be a team player and paying attention to details. This is because a person will be able to listen to directions and input their own opinions. I do not feel I’d be good at this field even if I am a team player and a good listener. In my opinion, I feel like if you do not enjoy solving problems or are not capable of handling overwhelming situations, this is not the field for you.

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