SAMR en práctica

Concept & Context

Beginning in Spanish 1, students learn the key differences between formal and informal forms of address.  As they progress through the levels, this concept becomes more developed and students begin to apply the concept to real-life scenarios.

In particular, AP Spanish students are expected on their AP exams to be able to respond appropriately to a formal offer of employment using appropriate register, forms of address and vocabulary.

In a traditional setting, students are often given the task of preparing for this section of the exam by simulating email exchanges.  This concept would be an ideal opportunity for a SAMR redesign.

Pedagogical Problem

Students must be able to correspond using a formal register and appropriate tone.  This is crucial content knowledge and it is also a required task on the AP Spanish exam.  

SAMR Task Redesign

As opposed to simulating an email exchange by having students handwrite their responses to a static prompt, a redefined version of this task would be to have students research authentic employment or volunteer opportunities in Spanish speaking countries.  They could then share these posts with their peers on a board posting or forum discussion.  Each student would then adapt the role of coordinator for the position they had found and be responsible for drafting a job offer for one of their peers.

The student pairs would then engage in a formal exchange, creating the opportunity to communicate authentically. In addition to written communication, students could then participate in a simulated Skype (or Zoom) interview, offering them practice with formal speaking and interviewing skills.  This redesign would fall under the 'Modification' level of SAMR, as this activity would be feasible in a different format, but the technology tools used allows for more depth in the exploration and development of the student product.


Students will be assessed based on their email exchanges and interview recordings using the AP Spanish Scoring Guidelines for Interpersonal Writing and Speaking.  Particular attention will be payed to the following areas; appropriateness of tone and register, rich vocabulary use and adherence to task guidelines.