Anne Frank Tackk

Kareem Harrison; Period 3

In “The Diary of Anne Frank, Act 2, Scene 4” Anne has a conversation with Peter to cheer up and bring him out of his despair from the argument with Mrs. Van Daan. Anne wants him to have faith that their freedom is coming and feel relieved about the duration of time they have survived from the Gestapo and concentration camps. Evidence that shows Anne’s hopes for her own life is, “I know it’s terrible, trying to have any faith…when people are doing such horrible… But you know what I sometimes think/ I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with Mother/ It’ll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but someday… I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart”(pg.952). So, I chose this image because it represents peace and compassion in life. It complements Anne’s words as she starts to get more interested in nature and explains to Peter how she thinks the earth is changing.

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