Frankenstein Vocabulary

By: Addy Miller


She had a really bad obsession with eating chocolate.

Example- Chocolate.

Synonym- Fixation.  

Antonym- Indifference.


He agitated her when he pushed her into the fence.

Example- Pushing someone.

Synonym- Upset.

Antonym- Calm.


Sentence: The office lady had toiling work because of all the papers she had to file.

Example: Filing papers.

Synonym: Labor.

Antonym : Relax.


Sentence: The monster that was approaching was ver grotesque.

Example: The monster.

Synonym: Deformed.

Antonym: Normal.


The girl was so feverish she was jumping up and down before she went on stage to sing.

Example: Jumping up and down.

Synonym: Hectic.

Antonym: Calm.


The lady was so convulsive that she accidentally smashed her head into the table.

Example: Smashing her head into a table.

Synonym: Spasmodic.

Antonym: Peaceful.


I devoured the leftover cake from my party.

Example: Eating the cake.

Synonym: Consume.

Antonym: Nibble.


We were doing anatomy in science and learned all about different plants.

Example: Learning about plants.

Synonym: Structure.

Antonym: Connection.


As the man walked down the street I started to notice that his clothes were all gnarled.

Example: Clothes.

Synonym : Knobby.

Antonym: Straight.


I didn't want to deal with the boy sitting next to me to I turned around and shunned him.

Example: Turned around.

Synonym: Avoid.

Antonym: Welcome.

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