My favorite season

Martha Mrs. Selock

I open the door , a cool feeling comes and gets me, I see on the pool of green grass wet dew. I hear laughter sounds of joy. I smell wonderful scents of pumkins. School starting, leaves falling too, new friends, pumkin pie to die for! Weather changing, great food, great attitude. Warm feeling makes me feel toasty inside, warm coco, warm soup, aaaah relaxing! School breaks, shopping for clothes. Fresh turkey. , Warm bread too. New sweaters nice weather,toasty fire.No more hot,hot days,get ready for cool weather.Wearing jackets and hats to school.Great memories,I wish this season would never end!All my favorite things happen in this season,great weather,warm fire and soup, leaves falling too,and school break,aaah, relaxing.I feel like it’s a new start and a new beggining