Jonathan Keller of Sarasota - LA Beaches

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota s someone who has grown up near the ocean his whole life. So someone who was raised next to the Atlantic Ocean while living in Florida, Keller gained an appreciation for the benefits of living near the ocean than many people in landlocked areas don’t ever get to enjoy. Now that he lives in Los Angeles, CA, he now has been exposed to a whole different type of beach culture. Below, he shares his favorite places to go when it comes to being in the sun and sand in LA.

Hermosa Beach

Tucked away in the southern part of the city, Hermosa Beach is a getaway from all of the extremes in glitz, glamour and grudge that you can get all over Los Angles. Instead, it is a harmonious combination of all of it, where both surf bums and yuppie types live in peace and enjoy their beautiful community for exactly what it is: a mini beach getaway town.

Santa Monica

Considered one of the more posh Los Angeles neighborhoods, Santa Monica is a quaint area with high-end boutique shops and a beautiful pier area surrounded by orgies public beaches. Santa Monica is known for being a little cleaner than Hermosa, and many of LA’s other beaches for that matter, and it has a variety of activities available for those who don’t simply want to bask in the sun all day. But when all is said and done, Jonathan Keller of Sarasota prefers Hermosa over Santa Monica.

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