Unit 2 Novel Choices
Block 1

This book is about a boy named Reynard Muldoon (Reynie) who reads an ad in the newspaper about gifted children looking for opportunities. This article quickly gets his attention. Reynie lives in an orphanage. He has no friends but is close to his tutor, Ms.Perumal. He is always getting bullied because he is different and very smart. Reynie does not realize his true intellect, and he is persuaded by Ms. Perumal to attend the mind-bending tests at the Monk Building. After Reynie survives the first two stages of the test and figures out the whole thing is a puzzle, he meets a boy named Stickey Washington and two girls named Kate Wetherall and Constance Contraire who help one another reach the last stages of the mind-bending tests. They are soon asked if they would like to join a team to accomplish a secret mission.

Twelve-year-old Jeremy receives a wooden box in the mail with the words, “The Meaning of Life—for Jeremy Fink to open on his 13th birthday.” He recognizes the box as his dad’s handiwork, although his dad passed away five years earlier. The box has four locks, requiring four keys. But the keys are missing. He and his best friend Lizzy set off on a quest through the streets of Manhattan to find the keys before time runs out.

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