Mo's Elephant Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the study of classifying organisms. There are 7 levels of taxonomy. These levels are called Taxon and it includes Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.

Kingdom - Animalia is about animals. Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organism. Theses animals eat other organsims which will make heterogetic.

Phylum - Chordate are animal that are possessing a notochord which basically means spinal cord.

Class - Mammalia - The mammals include the largest animals on the planet. These animals include a placenta which feeds the offspring

Superorder - Is a family of animals that either are living in Africa or of Africa origin.

Order -

Where to find Elephants

Elephant Facts

1. 2 types of elephant: Asian Elephants and African elephants.

2. Elephants are the largest animals living on land.

3. Both females and male asian elephants  have tusk. They use their tusk for digging and finding foods.

4. Female elephants are called "cows". They start to have calves when they are 12 and are pregnant for 22 months.

5. Elephants are herbivores and can spend up to 16 hours days collecting leaves, twigs, bamboo and roots.

6. Elephants have no natural predators, but  lions will sometimes prey on young or weak elephants in the wild. The main risk to elephants is from humans hunting illegally and changes to their habitat.

7. Elephants have large, thin ears. Their ears are made up of a complex network of blood vessels which help regulate their temperature. Blood is circulated through their ears to cool them down in hot climates.

8. These mammals are the only ones that cant jump.

9. They really enjoy dancing which theyll just sway from side to side.

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