Andrew Winkelbauer

This is me in my Airsoft gear. I love Airsoft and I love to play it. My Airsoft gun is a PM4 ERG SCOUT by PTS. I have a ghost mask and a SWAT like tactical vest. This is usually the setup I use when I play in a game.

My 3 intrestes

Honey badgers

This is my favorite animal. This is a honey badger and its fearless. If it wants honey it will go into a hive of bees just for the honey. It attacks rattle snakes and has them for a meal. I love it because it is a fearless little animal and it doesn't care about anything if it wants something.


I've always been fascinated in the military. My favorite branch is the United States Marines Corps :D . They are the first to go in the fight and are fearless. My brother is in the USMC and tells me about it sometimes. I personally think there the toughest and bravest branch out there!

Semper Fi  

Airsoft :D

This is my favorite sport and I just love it. I love it because it is kinda like a military simulation game that you can play without having to be in the military. You can have pretty much any setup you want. You can use a assault rifle, submachine gun, sniper, light machine gun. you can also dress how you want you can look goofy are serious milsim if you want to. there is so many ways you can look and play and that is why i love it.


My 1st goal is to get out of school successfully. My second goal is to get a really good job and earn lots of money. my final goal is to have a happy and good life :) .

The place I would visit

I want to visit Moscow in Russia. I want to go visit here because the city is beautiful and different then most city's. It has a lot of background and rich history to the city. there is also a lot of museums to and historical sites to visit. I think this culture is interesting and would love to go to Russia's capital someday.

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