Australian shepherds

by:Kayla Minck


Do you want a puppy? If so you got the right book. This book will tell you the care they need, having an Australian shepherd as a pet, there description and health issues. So have a good time reading this book.


There is lots of stuff to get ready for an Australian shepherd. This book will provide information about their description, having one as a pet and some other stuff you might want to know.

Having one as a pet

Having an Australian shepherd as a pet is a BIG responsibility. You will need some stuff to get your home ready. What you will need is a pee pad, a big cage with a panel that fits inside, a leash, treats and a shock collar for when they get older if you don’t have a fence. Australian shepherd are sometimes protective to people who come over walk by your house. Australian shepherds have long fur that is silky and very soft when you pet them. They also get a lot of knots in their fur. Aussies are also very pretty dogs. Aussies can also be a good cattle /sheep dogs just like the Border collie. The Australian shepherd is mostly a very smart breed of dog.


Aussies have a unique coat pattern that can have brown, blue, black, white, and some other colors. An Australian shepherds coat patterns can come as spotted, or one base color with a different color at the feet. An Aussie can be a good cattle/sheep dog if you or somebody in your family lives on a farm and has cattle/sheep. Australian shepherds can herd cattle/sheep just like a border collie.


When you get an Australian shepherd you will have to excursive them daily. You will have to brush them1-2 times a week because of their long fur.

Health issues

When you have an Australian shepherd you well have to watch their health. If you have an Australian shepherd you have to watch them when they are outside on a hot day because they can get over heated really easily. You also have to watch them because they can have Blatter issues.


Australian shepherds are loyal dogs. They have a nice coat pattern that is also soft. Australian shepherds are really cool pets to have. Australian shepherds are hard to care for sometimes. Australian shepherds are always at the door to greet you. When you look at an Australian shepherd in the sun set you can see how pretty they are.


Pee pads=a pad that your puppy go’s to the bathroom on.

Blatter= is when your dog or puppy go to the bathroom too much

Shock color=a type of dog collar that will shock them if they cross the invisible fence.

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