Roman Forum

The Roman Forum today.

History of Forum

The Roman Forum was originally built by Romulus, the first king of Rome in 7th century BC. It was originally an Etruscan burial ground but after development soon became Rome's most popular common place. Over the years the Romans kept adding on to the Forum for more shops and other activities. At one point the forum was made up of 44 structures used for residence, public speeches, or honorary columns. A huge portion of the Forum remains today for millions of tourist to view.

Purpose of Forum

The Forum was used as a place for businesses, commerce, places for prostitution, and the administrative justice. The Forum was the central area of the city and was a popular place for most of the city. The forum was also used for things like festivals and funerals. There are many different buildings located in the Roman Forum and almost every emperor of Rome added on to the Forum.

Relief in the Forum still is there toda

Forum Layout

The Forum was built out of marble and stone. The Romans used marble as a way to show off their wealth. The architecture showed the character of Roman citizens by all of the detail that was used. There were a lot of arches used in the build of the Forum and a lot of them had reliefs sculpted into them. The Forum was altered and reconstructed many times over 1,200 years. There is also a lot of mythology involved in their architecture.

Significance and Influences

There were many reliefs in the arches in the Forum that showed a lot of Rome's victories. The Forum was also very important because it was the center for almost all of the city. The Forum has become the showcase for Roman culture and you can learn a lot about the Romans just by visiting and seeing all of the architecture that is still there. The Romans had a huge influence on architecture from arches to the way they built their domes. If you look real hard at the architecture around you, you are likely to find that it has Roman influence.

Roman Forum today

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