Name:  Chloe White


State lived in: Virginia

Date: July 8 , 1861

Live with: Robert(brother) , Harper( sister) , Brenda(sister) , John (dad)

Day 1

April 25 , 1861

7:05 a.m - Wake up
7:30 a.m- Feed the cattle
8:30 a.m- Go to help raise funds to improve soldiers' medical conditions.
10:00 a.m- Read the newspaper to keep updated on the war.

2:00 p.m-  Wash clothes
3:27 p.m- Clean house
5:45 p.m- grocery shopping
8:55 p.m- Make dinner

Day 2

June 15, 1862

The first picture below is a letter to a loved one in the Civil War and the second picture is a newspaper during the Civil War.

Dear Harry,

I hope you come back soon! Things aren't the same without you. I've been trying to keep myself busy, since you've been gone. Robert has been kind of lonely, he is mostly getting ready for the war if they need anymore people.

He is trying to train and serve his country, and he wants to be with you. So I read the Harper's weekly: The Trend Affair and There have been a lot of battles taking place. Which ones have you fought in? What  is it like? I have so many questions. We have a few gifts for when you come back.

So much of the town is getting in arguments all the time over who is for who. People for the Union are burning houses down and its a mess , all I can say is I hope this War ends soon. Well we love you , we hope you can respond!!!

                                     Your family

Day 3

January 5, 1863

7:05 a.m- Wake up
7:30 a.m- went into town for a food drive
8:30 a.m- went to a meeting about the war
10:00 a.m- raised money for the union soldier and their supplies.

2:00 p.m- wash clothes
3:27 p.m- Clean house
5:45 p.m- grocery shopping
8:55 p.m- make dinner

Day 4

February 7, 1864

Dear Chloe,

I will be back as soon as I can! This war is non-stop , we often win and lose but we are still fighting no matter what. I miss you guys so much , Sometimes I wish we weren't fighting over this but i cant wait to see you all of you.

I was in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War. I am participating in different places at different times, they keep moving me.  The food here is not that great so I do miss dads food and we are running out of supplies.

I hope this war ends soon , I shouldn't be saying it but its horrible here. Many die everyday from gun shot wounds and knife cuts. I can never sleep because all I fear is the enemy getting closer and us losing. I love u and I hope to see you soon.


Day 5

March 8, 1865

I just found out today that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated. I read the newspaper and it said" Lincolns killer caught" and  "Lincoln's long life ended". He was a good president he wanted to bring our country back together while other wanted to stay separate.

Lincoln had made strategies to try and win the war, we will never have a president like him. He had led us to victory and our war leader. This is very upsetting because he held up together through the war and now that he has passed its put everyone in shock.

The famous actor, John Wilkes Booth, had killed and shot the president in the head.  They said he just walked into the room and shot him in the back of the head but he didn't die instantly. The bullet was right behind his left eye he eventually died but lived a few hours longer ,people often kill leader and I don't know why.

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