DIY tinted lip balm!

        Spring is here once again after dreadful winter! But most people still have dry, cracking, flaking lips! And in the spring there will be parties, a lot of them. And of course you will need makeup for those parties. But how in the world are you going to put on lipstick when your lips are like the Sahara desert? For one thing lipstick will make it burn! I've done that before and it is something you don't wanna see. And even if you brace the pain your lipstick will look rough since your lips are practically sandpaper. Also if you don't wear lip products, what people see is not you gorgeous looks with make up but your dead lips. Like honestly, you need to have something on your lips. So this DIY will be your savior before the party, big time. It also has a tint so your lips won't look too bland while healing. So lets get started!

Step 1

Get the ingredients! You will need......

- Food coloring                                                                                                                     - Vaseline (For more healing but optional)                                                                            - Crayons (they must be non-toxic, they are optional if you don't have food coloring)          - Coconut Oil                                                                                                                          - Any other oils (jojoba, rapeseed, vegetable, sesame seed, olive, etc)                              - If you have it use cocoa butter, mango butter, Shea butter, and jojoba butter (optional)   - Any other old chap sticks or lip balms                                                                                  - Honey for smoothness of skin and to lighten it not to mention sweet! <3                          - A pot, a bowl, a toothpick to stir with, a cup of water, stove mitten and a stove (for method 1)     

- A bowl, a toothpick to stir with, a microwave, and a stove mitten (method 2)                    - And finally a measuring spoon                                                                                            - A flavoring or scent like strawberry or melon (optional)

Why you can use Crayons

When people see this they are like OMG she is crazy i'm leaving. But it is not at all. Crayons are non-toxic just read the box for goodness sake! Also they are made of paraffin wax so you don't need beeswax. They also use pigments that are non-toxic. That's why parents let kids eat crayons like potato chips but I don't advise eating the lip balm whole. Crayons are totally safe, I advise you to use Crayola since they are a trusted brand and they won't turn out too waxy like Rose Art and Crazy Art.

Step #2

Alright now that I am done listening to Mortal Kombat and am officially pumped for this, what you want to do is take your bowl and plop in about 1 tsp of Vaseline. Then take your butters if you have any and take half a teaspoon of each. The more butter you have the more buttery the lip balm becomes. So after that take a little bit of your food coloring I advise using a little bit so the color won't be too bright. And if you are using crayons peel your crayon and drop in about 1/8 or 1/4. If you aren't sure about the measurements just snap off the top or tip of the crayon. Then clean out your chapsticks and put the excess into the bowl leaving just the containers. take about 1 tsp of honey plop it right on it along with about 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/4 of the optional oils. Don't do 1/4 for each of the optional oils. Combine all of the optional oils you want into one 1/4 teaspoon and then pour it in. Put in about 2-4 drops of scent/flavor and stir it all together with your toothpick. Once it has become a paste you are done and ready to move on.

Method #1 Using the Stove

Take the stove and set it to low-medium. Place your pot above the flame and fill it with 1 cup of water. Once the water begins to boil place your bowl in with the stove mitten on so you won't hurt yourself. Stir your mixture occasionally while it begins to melt into a liquid. While all of this is happening get your chapstick tubes ready. IMPORTANT! If you do not want to waste this, set your chapsticks to the bottom and grab an empty container you might want to use like a bottle cap or compact. And if you are using crayons this is of EXTREME IMPORTANCE! Do not and I mean DO NOT POUR EXCESS DOWN THE DRAIN IF USING CRAYONS!!!!! This is because the wax will harden down the drain and clog it causing you to get in big trouble. So once the paste is fully liquid quickly take the bowl out of the pot with the mitten and pour it into the containers. If you are young ask a parent since this can get messy and can burn you. After you poured it in you can leave it to cool down for 2 or 4 hours or just pop it into the freezer for 15-20 min. If it is still liquid leave it in longer for about 5 more minutes until hardened checking frequently. I advise not using the fridge since it will be very hard and will take a while to thaw. Once done it is ready to use!

Method #2 Using the Microwave

So you are afraid to use the stove since you don't want to deal with fire. That is fine by me, everyone has something they rather not go with. So take your bowl and place it into the microwave. Leave it in for about 15 seconds each time. Keep on doing this and don't leave it in for too long if you are using crayons or they will literally explode in the microwave. Stir after each thirty seconds and put it back in and re-heat it. Do this cycle until it is finally a liquid. And if you are like me and is a total baby who is afraid to touch hot things use an oven mitten. Pour it into your containers and leave it to cool for 2-4 hours or put in the freezer for 15-20 min. If it is still not a solid let it cool for another 5 min checking frequently until it is solid. I actually don't recommend putting it into the freezer since it will be hard and will take time to thaw. Once done you are ready to use.

Cleaning Up

Take a paper towel and wipe the bowl. Place the bowl into warm water and soap. Scrub it until clean and put it away.  

When you are finished.........

I hope you like it and will wear it so your lips won't look like dead. You can re-do this with any color like purple or red or pink or even green! I don't know why you would use green, maybe for a show or a game probably for cos play, we'll just leave it at that. Make it for friends or family who suffer dry cracked lips and they will thank you. Thanks for reading and I hope you try this out! Bye!!! :)