Hello, my name is Kyli!

I go to Boles junior high and am in 7th grade. I love my family and friends and my adorable puppy coco. I have a giant, family cousins and aunts and uncles oh my! They are from both sides, and they are crazy! (but I love them.....most of the time) and the only thing of family I don't have is a brother or sister. I have many hobbies and things I like.

My family

My dog coco is a new addition to our family and we already treat her as if she had been in our family longer than 7 months. she is a chiweenie a chiuahuah and a weenie dog!

My dog is better than yours🐶

since I have such a big family I will just do a small family tree, so just my parents.

My mom, Corrina Beach-Schiffner, is a massage therapist and a wonderful cook.

My dad, Travis Schiffner, is a paramedic and a wonderful actor.


ok so I accidentally deleted it the first time so everyone is beautiful and deserves to do this so #20beautifulwomen challenge!!😘❤️ love you all💕 oh yeah and @kolton_davis your beautiful too😂

Here are a few things I like (10)

*clothes and jewelry

*pizza and chocolate

*netflix and sleep



*my phone and wifi

*the color teal

*having family movie night with ice cream sundaes


*snow in winter and swimming in summer

~Jeep hair don't care~ After church lunch🙏 much love to Olivia and Ella❤️

I love hanging out with friends!

🎁4 days🎁

I love christmas! Being able to give makes me happy enough, but having friends and family that are grateful for me and I am grateful for them, that's all I could ask for. and who doesn't love opening presents! and no school for like two weeks and a half!

wish I could've been there to help support w/ my 💜's @olivia.grace.martin @alexgracerobinson @_angelinnnaaa_

I most definately have a big personality!