Video Production (video editing)

As an editor, you would be part of a 'post-production’ team that joins together material recorded by the camera and sound crews and adds any extra effects. You could work on projects from feature films and TV programmers to corporate videos, commercials and music videos.

Depending on the type of films or video footage you are editing and the size of the project, your job would include some or all of these tasks:

  • agreeing a finished ‘look’ for the final footage with the director
  • transferring film or video footage to computer
  • checking the footage and deciding which shots to keep and which to cut out
  • cutting and joining shots using editing software
  • keeping a clear idea of the storyline, even though you may be editing scenes out of sequence
  • creating a 'rough cut' from the chosen material
  • digitally improving picture quality
  • using computer software to add titles, graphics, sound and any visual effects
  • putting all the elements together, in order, for the final version
  • creating DVDs or formatting footage for streaming online.

Salaries by City

OHColumbus $37,970$27K - $75K400.00%

OHDayton $44,240$26K - $84K300.01%

OKOklahoma City $41,420$22K - $76K700.01%

OKTulsa $40,560$23K - $52K500.01%

ORPortland - Vancouver - Hillsboro $35,490$23K - $59K1800.02%

PAPhiladelphia (Metro Area) $49,110$30K - $105K2200.01%

PAPittsburgh $46,190$31K - $76K1000.01%

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