Usage of mobile phones has increased in the past years

FuGenX Technologies Pvt. Ltd.- With the increase in the number of mobile phones then comes the concept of developing the application based on the technologies.New mobile technologies are growing day by day, with new features, which make our day to day life easier.There are several advantages of mobile software, we can access to mail, and we can talk with friends at any time etc.

Now let us talk about one of the best mobile based application.Android had a worldwide Smartphone market share of 75%.Android, it is an open source Linux based operating system designed for smart phones and tablets.It is maintained by Google, which is the best.

Android has an active community of developers who use the Android source code to develop and distribute their own modified versions of the operating system.When thinking the scope of android application development, we can look the following consideration.It is an open source; it has an infinite communication media as Facebook, Twitter etc

Updated user interface design: In Android we can create our own application and submit to the Google Play Store which can be downloaded.The mobile application development covers a broad area like Business, Games, News, Weather, Education etc.

In future the rising demand for mobile application development process will grow to an organization as well as an individual.
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