Design Principles

Write a reflection on your blog on the design principles used when developing Quest2Teach, a virtual world foradult learning. How is it different than EcoMUVE or another youth oriented virtual world you explored a couple of weeks ago?

This week’s reading has given me a great opportunity to more deeply explore design principles in virtual realities. This is something I must admit had given little to, no thought previously. More interestingly, when I look back at my favorite virtual domains to explore their designs are so subtle and user-intuitive, it is difficult to even notice the purpose of the design because it’s so efficient and functional. I think one of the primary reasons why design principles are important is because they lay the fundamental groundwork that can be measured against all the decisions made by all the participates in the VR that keeps the entire project moving along for better enhancement.

Quest2Teach is an interactive digital game about learning how to teach designed at Arizona State University where students are able to practice their teaching on a video game. Although I filled out a guest account registration form multiple times with a few different emails I never received a response so I was not able to make an account. In lieu of this, I explored the website and watched videos about Quest2Teach. For the most part the general consensus was this game helped students enhance their learning experience of becoming a professional teacher. It made them take notice of the messages they conveyed to their students. It also made them more aware of how others may receive what they are saying and the appropriate way to react etc. Overall, I think EcoMUVE and Quest2Teach have similar design conceptions but different content and contexts. Video-game based learning is a field I am more interested in learning more about.

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