Implications of "The Flower Faerie"

The Emperor's son walks in the darkest part of the woods and sees this flower that looked like it was glowing.

I think that it looked like it was glowing because the flower was this bright bright yellow color and he was in the middle of the darkest part of the woods.

He saw a magical being made of rainbow colored lights.

I think that it look like it had rainbow colored lights on it because he was in the dark forest and her clothes probably were sparkly because she is a fairy . Also it is probably multicolored.

The emperor saw the fairy and was also taken by its beauty just like the emperors son.

I think that it means that he was so mesmerized by the faeries beauty. like he could not look away and it was just glowing.

What a Gem

I think that they thought that the faerie was so precious and a gem is precious so they compared the faerie and a gem.

I don't think the fairy cares much for treasure... she likes flowers, says the Emperors son.

I think you can make an inference that the fairy likes flowers.

As the flowers died the fairy started to lose her color and she started to die.

i think you can make an inference that the flower faerie cannot live without the flowers.

One day the soldiers came back with empty hands.

i think it means that that their were no more flowers in the kingdom

The Emperors son set the faerie free but she could not fly so he drew a picture of a flower in hope that it might help then she could fly then she flew over the kingdom and the flowers grew back.

i think that the faerie is magical so she just need to see a picture of a flower and then she has her magical "powers" back then she can make the flowers grow back/

The Authors of This Book is Frank Asch and Vladimir Vagin

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