Learn to Plant a Tree in seconds
By Sona

How to Plant a Native Tree

Equipment / What you need

  • Shovel
  • Plants/Seedling (Native plants)
  • Area/Land
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Group/partener (Optional)
  • Watering can

1. Wear your gloves and boots and some old clothes make sure you show your parents what your wearing is ok. (Your friends can help if you want.)

2. Find a place where you could plant your tree (Make sure your land is not too big and that it gets enough sun light and shade.)

3. Dig a hole about 10-15 cm wide (Dont dig it too wide.)

4. Place your seedling in the hole and cover it with soil

5. Pat the soil down and fill a watering can with water or you can just fill a cup with water.

6. Pour some water onto the plant ( Dont pour too much other wise it might die.)

7. Make sure you check on your plant  and pour water everyday ( Just a little bit) and make sure it gets enough shade and not too much sunlight.

8. Make sure your plant is well cared and well look aftered.