Chromebook Handbook

                                                                  macbook vs chromebook                                                                                                                                                                                                                                +a Macbook and a Chromebook could be the same because they both have a camera.

+a macbook and a chromebook could be different because the chromebook is smaller than the macbook and the macbook is bigger than the chromebook.

+and the macbook and a chromebook are in common because they both have cool apps that you can get.

                                                                  misuse of chromebook

say that someone was playing in inappropriate game and then a teacher found out the effect would be lose Chromebook because you should not be playing inappropriate games.

                                                         bullying on email

Problem: You went to get on your email and someone was emailing you mean hurtful comments and he kept on doing it over and over again and that person wouldn't stop! What would you do?

Solution: First tell the person to stop but if he doesn't stop either go tell a teacher or a parent. And then that bully would get in trouble and maybe lose their chromebook for forever.

                                                     how to make a folder

Step 1 first you have to go to google docs.

Step 2 then you’ll have to press create after that press the word folder.

Step 3 then a box will pop up and it will say new folder.

Step 4 then after that click the word new folder and hit backspace.

Step 5 next type in whatever you want and click the word done.

                                                            about Chromebooks

A chromebook is a laptop running chrome os as its operating system.

chromebooks were first made in June 15 2011.

you can get google apps on the chromebook like cut the rope and like minecraft. all the games are fun! So if you ever get a chromebook I hope you have a great time!


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