Tracii Lynne Show Successfully Marketed Many Businesses

Tracii Lynne Show is a veteran, talented professional with more than 20 years of expertise in the entertainment as well as services industry. She has received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing with a specialization in marketing and promotion. When she was a teenager, she tried her hands in modeling in Europe and Asia, and this field brought a huge appreciation for her. Along with modeling, she pursued her higher education from Tokyo University (TODAI). After completing her education, she started working with the marketing group of SONY music as an intern. She represented and promoted events as well as artists in the whole world.

She started working as a fashion model when she was only 14, traveled in the whole world, became a spokesperson for many leading global companies, and then returned to the United States. She became a spokesmodel for Taio Kobe Mitsui Bank and Mitsubishi, and has years of experience in televised and live event planning, booking talent along with producing special events. She opened her first business when she was only 18 years old, which was a talent agency called “Raw Talent Agency”. Tracii Lynne Show began booking dancers, musicians, and models in Japan with Osaka Production Company after returning to Los Angeles.

In addition to this, she is referred to as “The Doogie Hauser of Hollywood”, and has joined her associations and ambition to launch the way into the industry. Using her effective techniques and methods, Tracii Lynne Show marketed an array of different businesses, including HRX, Inc.; Gavie Productions, LLC; Ego Management, LLC; Ego Talent & Literary; EGO Video on Demand (VOD); Ego Productions, LLC; L.A. Idol; O.C. Idol; Villa Tramonto Events; Elite Retreats & Luxury Lifestyles (LLC); Show Girls Concierge and Retreats; L.E.N.D. (NPO); Raw Talent Agency; and a lot more.

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