The Earth

Ruler Of all

The Earth was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago by the collisions a giant disc shaped cloud of material which also formed the sun. Gradually, gravity pulled all the dust together making them into rocks which then became asteroids and small early planets called planetesimals. It took the sun thousands of years to make these asteroids collide repeatedly, but eventually the asteroids came together to make the earth and the other planets in our Solar System.    

The Earth Before Ours

It may be hard to believe but before the present Earth, there was a completely land. A super continent called Pangaea existed which was formed as a combination of all of the present, separate, continents we know. Pangaea existed around about 270 million years ago in the  late Paleozoic era. Slowly, Pangaea started to separate (due to continental drift), year after year, the present continents became more and more noticeable. In fact, it took Pangaea over half a century to become the 7 continents.

Continental Drift

The cause to Pangaea's destruction. The act of continental drift controls the fate of the human race in it's hands, with a single tap it can wipe out a whole city.

Without anyone noticing, the land we stand on is moving, continents raging towards or away from each other with murderous effects, but how do we know that this happening? A bloke called Alfred wegener moved heaven and Earth to prove his theory of Continental drift. The theory was: the continents were all together at one point and even though the crust of the Earth is stationary, the mantle is not. The mantle caused the land masses to move away from each other. The theory came from fossils, fossils identical to each were found in completely different continents which also gave Alfred Wegener another clue but the biggest clue given to the scientists was the shores of Africa and South America.  They fitted together like to pieces of a puzzle.

To The Future

What will happen to the continents? A question unanswerable until now. Lets just say that if global warming continues, there wont be much left. Water from the melted ice caps will attack our shores and even the most powerful will become powerless. As for continental drift, we think the continents will be split into to halves. Not North and South but East and West, scientists think that USA will stay the same but Africa and Australia will join up with Europe/Asia.

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