GoDaddy, raised the bar while raising a chip

Last night was filled with ups and downs when it came to the Brand Bowl. From the incredibly funny Loctite ad that still has me dancing. The Chevy commercial that had you freaking out (admit it) while showing how important the internet is to our daily lives. To the incredibly missed mark with the Nationwide ad that wanted to tell a story but instead just left people depressed and confused.

Then of course there was Coke who is now on a mission to employ Digital empathy and frankly that is pretty incredible. Let's keep using that #MakeitHappy, like really let's make that a thing.

However, my favorite was GoDaddy. SAY WHAT!? I know a lot of people thought the ad was simply a thrown together hodgepodge to save face after the infamous "sold dog." I will argue tho that it was not. It was a brilliantly placed ad around something that is sweeping the world. Entrepreneurship. GoDaddy took what may have been a horrible situation and turned it into pure marketing genius. They appealed to all the people grinding to start their dreams. GoDaddy's team positioned themselves as the go to for web domain not because they are the cheapest or easiest to use but because they believe in you and your idea. So much so that they "raised a chip."

That raised chip is where the magic happened. In launching a campaign that focused on saluting their users, they made them selves human. They sealed the deal with their real time Twitter interaction with creative content to their users. ( I was pretty jacked when I got my own Chip from GoDaddy!)

So what does it all mean to you. Well, you can learn a lot about branding your Startup from GoDaddy's last week of Brand exploration.

1. BE AWARE: Regardless of your thoughts on the "sold dog," GoDaddy recognized it didn't sit well with it's customers empathized and made a choice. Are you doing the same for your customers? Understand that just because it seems like a great idea to you, your following may hate it and you have to own up to that.

2. DON'T BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE: A friend of mine has a wonderful explanation of "why you can't be something to everyone but you must be everything to someone." (Ask him to tell ya about it @zscottchochran) GoDaddy for what it's worth has struggled last few years trying to find their customer. We are not really sure what it was up until last night. However they got it now! The startup user campaign is much more tangible than whatever else was going on pre last nights ad. So, when you start your business you are going to want everyone to love it but it just doesn't work like that. Find who really needs your product and make them believers. Be something to everyone

3. ENGAGE: GoDaddy won last night because they met their users on multiple playing fields. Their real time tweets coupled with an engaged slogan and ad has locked me in as a GoDaddy user and ambassador. You  have do the same and do it just as well. Some of the best tools to build your startup is real time marketing with social media. Use it. It's Free. Make your customers feel as tho they are part of the team. 12 hours later GoDaddy is still doing it on their social feeds and website.

This chip is for you! @jeremy_bay

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3 years ago

Awesome thoughts. I was impressed by GoDaddy too. I watched that commercial with the business owner working away while the rest of the world watched the Super Bowl and kept waiting for the obnoxious message or naked girl...but it never came. Instead they rose up and made a commercial worth talking about, in a good way.

3 years ago

Thank you for your perspective. I agree, Go Daddy is doing a great job. I have seem many tweets about them not including women as entrepreneurs too. It seems they can't catch a break, with animal activist on one end and women on the other. Get your chip!