My Humanizing Reflections

I'm glad I enrolled in this class. As an instructional designer, I know some of the tools introduced in this class, such as VoiceThread, but never got the chance to use it from a student perspective. I enjoyed using it as a student. Besides, this class is very hands-on. I created my first Animoto video, Canva image, and Twitter hashtag. Even though I played with these tools, before this class, I've never moved to the next level.

What I think is missing from this class is student feedback. I want to know more about how students think of these stuff, do they like the class more, or do they perform better in such an humanized class? If this class provides more data and comparison, it would be very helpful to encourage instructors roll out these new technics. Also, I'd love to learn more on how to create stuff, not from the technology part, but from the content part. For example, if I want to create an Animoto intro for a class, what content I should put into it, what kind of visual I need to use here.

At the end, thank you Michelle and all other guests and peers who share with us your experiences. I had a great time.

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2 years ago

Hi Minyan. Great point about your interest in seeing data about how these practices impact students. The work shared by Lowenthal and Dunlap is a good starting point to examine the trajectory of social presence in online learning. The term "humanizing" isn't one used heavily in the literature but "social presence" is and you'll find data down that road. By the way, my institution is currently submitting a grant to develop a Humanizing Institute that would provide faculty development and support research projects in the area of humanized online learning. One of the goals would be to examine the impact of these practices on students.