Dominate my world with long term power rather than a quick victories

To purposely have a broad goal will allow me to fill in the blanks for the ultimate end.

From the beginning my idea of power has been wrong. Most people would think that aggressive action is effective action. As time goes on I have proven this wrong to myself over and over. On a day of great failure, I have come to a sense of mindfulness that has allowed me to figure out right from wrong and what happened and why. In the end of that period, I settled down for the most effective action of staying back, keeping calm and letting others become frustrated from the traps that I lay out for them as my strategy of war. At the surface it seems as if I was playing the manipulation game, instead of pursuing that dangerous path I have come to turn my strategies of war into strategies of life. Most people go for the short term goals that don't decide too much in the end, so I went the for goal that could only be determined after the war or in real world terms, after my death. Just like in a war, if you decide that someone is your target and you harm them without finishing them off completely, it will come back to bite harder, so you must finish your enemy completely.  By figuring myself and my own world out I could say that I have had a successful life.

Sit back and relax~

During 1905, Russia and Japan were at war. At the time the Japanese had just began to modernize their warships, so the Russians had a stronger Navy. By spreading false information, the Japanese Marshal baited the Russians into leaving their docks immediately  with the thought that they could wipe out the entire Japanese fleet in one attack. The Russians could not go to the quickest route which was through the Strait of Gibraltar and then the Suez Canal into the Indian Ocean—because these were controlled by the British. At the time, the British were allies with the the Russians had to go around the Cape of Good Hope, which was at the southern tip of Africa and another 6,000 mile voyage. Once the Russians past the cape, the Japanese spread another rumor that they were planning a surprise attack. This led to the Russians being on high combat alert with much tension and exhaustion of the Russians while the Japanese sat back and relaxed waiting for the exhausted bait to come. Despite the lack of technology and naval experience, the Japanese crushed the Russian Navy.

To play behind the scenes through others as if you were not playing is the best way to play.
Napoleon failed with the wrong perception of power because of the illusion that he was controlling the situation.

being familiar with this state of minds, one can fall into a bottomless pit or rise back in many different ways. Everyone has been through this state at least once on their life and what I have got from coming out of it would be the ability to notice and analyze things better for a deeper understanding. From there I was able to understand what kind of power I needed to get to where I want to be.

Most believe the 1st man (The Leader) is the most powerful. I will change this perception of power and go after the war rather than the battle.

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