Crime Scene Investigation and forensics & Police officer
Kelsey Olson  Career Research Project

Crime Scene Investigation or CSI: They solve crimes, they look at evidence and take pictures of the scene and analyze it to find the real killer. Education: 5 week academy/ diploma/ certificate.  Associate and bachelors degree (science degree). Salary 57340 per year. College George Washington university, west Virginia university.

Police Officer: They are law enforcement they patrol the city stopping crime and driving issues. Education: High school diploma, Training. Salary 52529 per year. College Kaplan university, Grand Canyon university.

I think i could be good at these jobs because I get really into watching CSI and learning all the things and I also believe being a cop could be fun and it keeps you on your toes, both action packed. I also did this CSI solving thing in Vegas where it simulates real crime scenes and you have to go through and collect the evidence and solve the crime.

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