Changing Fate Through Song

Hello anyone who is reading this. I am Temsik, the head of recording for the Ghost Trick Phantom Musical Project, a project dedicated to making a web-musical based off of Shu Takumis Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Video game. We are making great strides in our efforts, with a completed script, and a few finished instrumentals. We are now beginning to prepare beta recordings to get a general feel for our songs, and already have four completed.


This song is called Panic Dance, which takes place when our protagonist takes a little ghostly trip through a top secret prison, where a very tense guard explains to his irritable, yet wisecracking partner about the various prisoners being held there.

World of The Dead Reprise: Fate Change

This little song here is called World of the Dead Reprise: Fate Change. It's the song where Sissel takes his first trip into the past to save our heroine from her untimely death at the hands of a hit-mans shotgun.

Cabanella's Baby

This has to be my current favorite song. Cabanella's Baby is the song that shows Sissel and Lynne travelling back to 4 minutes before Lynne's second death. During these four minutes, they witness Inspector Cabanella. Sissel learns more about this lanky lawman in white, and more importantly: There's more going down tonight than just his own death.

Cabanellas Baby Reprise

Cabanellas Baby Reprise is the first beta song in our show that has any real amount of spoilers. If you don't know the story of ghost trick, and don't want to be spoiled, by all means, don't listen to this song.

This song sees Sissel arrive in the office of the chief of police, as he speaks with inspector Cabanella about the mysterious happenings tonight. They begin to talk about Sissels killer, and even seem to have decisive evidence as to the killers identity: A video of the moment of the crime itself. Sissel becomes very excited at the prospect of finding the identity of his killer, but what the tape shows him might just be the last thing he wanted to see.

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