How to convince anyone that you need to attend Industry Digital Summit

Tell them why this is big deal

  • As a national conference on digital innovation and entrepreneurship, Industry Digital Summit is one of the first of its kind to be established and held right here in the Rust Belt. For that reason we are all proud.
  • We're expecting up to 500 digital innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to attend. Do you want to miss this rare opportunity to connect with this large community making waves across the Rust Belt and country?
  • Industry features an impressive lineup of nationally renowned speakers who are known for their engaging and valuable presentations. Highlights include Bob Moesta, co-architect with Harvard Business School's Clayton Christensen of the famous jobs-to-be-done product innovation framework, and Ian Sigalow of Greycroft Partners in New York who has just raised a $200m fund to invest in mobile startups.

Tell them what you are going to learn

  • A packed agenda is being formed that will challenge you. This is not a series of 'getting started in business' or 'what's it like to work for twitter' talks. You'll hear short, focused presentations with key takeaways on advanced topics like 'Job-To-Be Done: Why Customers Hire and Fire Your Product',  'Startup Fundraising in the Rust Belt: How I raised $1 Million Outside of Silicon Valley' and 'Designing Design Teams'. See the growing agenda here.
  • The event is geared towards anyone who has a vested interest in digital innovation. So whether you are a startup founder, marketer, investor, student, enterprise executive, designer or developer, there will be something here for you.

Tell them who you are going to meet

  • It is rare that people from across the Rust Belt get to connect and share what they are working on. You hear that there are awesome things happening in cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh and others, and now you have a chance to see for yourself and meet the people who are making them happen.
  • Connect with David Galante (Salesforce), Blair Garrou (Mercury Fund), Sally Schriner (Sociagram) and other high profile attendees who will join you throughout the day at the event and into the night during the BBQ.

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