Paul Panaikas Served As the Director of Client Relations at Radiology Diagnostics, LLC

A highly respectable Resilience Coordinator at Joint Force Headquarters

Paul Panaikas joined Radiology Diagnostics, LLC, one of the reputed companies of the US. He was appointed as an X Ray Digitizer, and was later on promoted as the Director of Client Relations. He is well known for his dedication towards his work and had delivered exceptional services. He established effective sales tactics along with relationship building techniques and designed successful email marketing plans. He has specialization in many areas and assisted the company to achieve its set objectives. Along with this, he also was part of developing the website of the company with veteran web developers. He has comprehensive knowledge about sales ads and designed impressive ads, which were used in publications. Paul not only organized, but also improved the client handbook of the company.

Paul Panaikas completed his Diploma of X-Ray Specialist in July 1994 from the Academy of Health Sciences based in San Antonio, Texas. Three years later, he completed his Associates Degree in Science from Fisher College, Boston, MA. Paul Panaikas has great interest in Human Resources, thus, he enrolled in Army Education Center, Ft. Jackson, SC to complete his diploma. After finishing his diploma in Human Resources, he completed a diploma in Account Management in October 2007 from Army Education Center. Paul has a desire to learn different subjects and attain mastery over them. Therefore, he again enrolled in Fisher College, Boston to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in July 2008. In October 2010, he received his diploma as a Master Resilience Trainer from U Penn/ Army Education Center, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Presently, Paul is pursuing a Master’s program from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

Paul Panaikas has comprehensive knowledge of computers and has exceptional technical skills. He is proficient in using Excel, Microsoft Word, as well as Power Point. Owing to exceptional services and great dedication, he has received many awards, including Commandant's List (2), Army physical Fitness Badge, NCO of the year, and many more.

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