Children In Need

Children In Need is the BCC'S  corporate charity.

They help children and young people who are disadvantaged.

This organisation is worried about illiteracy and desease. They want that every child has a childhood.

They provide grants to projects in the UK and they are local to people in all corners of the UK and support small and large organisations which empower children and extend their life choices.

The organisation have done it since 1980. They have helped to raise over £650 millions. They do fabulous fundraising events to raise money and then they donate it.

You could help them donating money: by post; at any bank, building society or post office; online; at a PayPoint store; by phone; when you visit any RBS or NatWest cash machine; using your nearest Coinstar Centre; by PayPal or CAF account (online).

A lot of children are waiting for your help!

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