Reindeer Candy Bars

I used these as unique gifts for friends, co-workers and family.
They were easy to assemble, it took some time to cut out the circles.

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*brown and tan construction paper
*white 1/2" circle stickers
*red Pom-poms
*brown pipe cleaners
*black & white or silver marker
*white glue
*glue gun
*candy bars

  • Maps (ones you can cut!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, with eraser
  • Ruler or straight-edge
  • 1  piece cardstock, 8 x 10"
  • Yarn or twine, 10-12 feet long
  • Hole punch, small

1. Cut brown construction paper into 6x6" squares
2. Cut 3" circles out of beige and then cut them in half for the head piece.
3. Cut 1 1/2" circles for the nose piece
4. Cut brown 1" circles and cut in half for eyelids
5.Wrap brown squares around candy bar and tape it at the back (I used a sticker that said Merry Christmas and my name)
6. Stick on eyes first so you can center the nose and use black marker to make black of eyes
7. Glue on eye lids, then center head and nose beige pieces.
8. Hot glue on red noses
9. Bend the brown pipe cleaners in half then into the shape of antlers, dab a small amount of glue on the bottom of the 'V' and stick the antlers in between the candy  bars  and the front of the paper
10. Personalize with the white or silver marker
I made 100 of these...personalized them...on th back I stuck a 1x3" sticker that I printed Merry Christmas and put a From: place from ME

1. Use ruler and pencil to draw an isosceles triangle on the cardstock. Cut out the cardstock triangle. You will use this piece as your pattern.

2. Trace the cardstock triangle shape onto one of your maps. Cut the triangle shape out of the map. Use the eraser to clean up pencil lines remaining on the cut-out.

3. Repeat trace, cut and clean. Create at least 20 triangles out of map paper.

4. Use hole punch to make two holes on the short side of each triangle. Punch holes on the same short side for all triangles.

5. Thread yarn through one hole in triangle and out the other. Make sure all triangles have map-side up and to spread triangles evenly across length of yarn.

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