Most Important Thing

My Job at IHOP

An important thing to me is my job. I’m a waitress at Ihop. Its very important to me because without a job i don’t have money, and i love money. Also because i really like my job, i think its really fun being a server. I just started about a month in a half ago. Money is everything so that's why my job is important to me. I only get paid $4.35 an hour but i make tips. I think its fun getting to meet all the new customers and talk to them. We have some customers that come in regularly and they’re the sweetest people. All my customers are nice for the most part, unless i accidentally mess something up. For the most part i get good tips which is a good thing. The people i work with are pretty cool for the most part, but some are also really bitchy and get on everyone's nerves. I have to work tonight and its my first time in a week so I'm pretty excited about that. You need money for everything so that's why my job is a very important to me. It pays for everything i need and want. So that i don’t have to depend on my parents and get money from them.

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