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Two centre-back injured half the Champions League suspension

Play had big millionaire of people are knows, most fear met of is failure God possessed, today United on stoke of game, United on met has failure God possessed, United of two a lost ball and first half two name Zhongwei injured, all and Wo, special Republika a a people related, no scored and assists of he, is two team most inductive concern of players Walters every now and then kicked out flower of game, Shang season 22nd round Chelsea away 4 0 stoke of game (January 12, 2013), he in 90 minutes within scored two a Black Dragon also kicked fly penalty , Is Chelsea victory of maximum "hero", in that field game Hou,cheapest fifa 15 coins he was England media and fans seal for Premier first mold God, just had has a years, also is in Stoke of Home British Peña Stadium, he put mold shipped infection to has United this field 11th minutes United on was forced to substitutions with Raphael replaced Zhongwei Evans, from playback view, 9th minutes Evans and Walters collided Hou right feet on appeared has problem, cannot normal runs, only was replaced, that collision looks is compared normal of collision, Evans injured luck is not so good. This substitutions also indirect caused has Stoke scored of free kick, in this substitutions Hou, originally kicked right defender of Chris for to has road kicked Zhongwei, 37th minutes Chris and Walters scramble header Shi was sentenced foul, Adam main penalty free kick directly shot, ball playing in Carrick body refraction network first half near ended Qian, United and appeared has accident, this and and Walters related, subsection 40 minutes, Walters and United another one Zhongwei Phil Jones scramble header, back Philippine, Walters, Jones bumped into Phil Jones in the face in the back, jumped in the air at that time, PhilJones immediately was hit Halo, landing Shi no protection head with to, such of collision Phil Jones apparently cannot continues to insisted, was lift has down, United only with lumbar Carrick to Cameo Zhongwei, first half United starting of two name Zhongwei because Walters are injured next second half Walters of "performances" also in continues to: 52nd minutes, Cameron long ball, Walters area within header back pendulum, anaotuoweiqi area edge shot kicked defects is into has do ball, Adam partial left 25 yards at left feet arc ball shot straight hanging goal right Shang corner, Stoke again beyond score; 56th minutes, Walters on Chris fierce of shovel ball, this feet if shovel real has Chris probably also to down, but this luck Providence has United, because site wet sliding Chris suddenly sliding has Xia, not only avoid has Walters of shovel ball, right feet also with has Walters right knee about, put Walters of right knee rub out has blood, Walters in insisted has within minutes Bell Hou, Only was for next see Walters this field of "magic" performance, non-United fans must feel is tease, but United fans must happy not up, this field lost ball let United of points continues to stays in 40 points, and this round Qian 4 name of game now are also didn't kicked, if this round Liverpool can win, that United distance Champions League District will up to 9 points, so big of gap, United wants Chase Shang, difficulty will very very big.