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Biotic factors



Jackalberry Tree

Manketti Tree


Abiotic Factors



Water Availibilty



Carrying Capacity The Number of quantity of people or things that can be convoyed or held by a vehicle or container

Food, Water, Shelter, Space

Populations change over time

If there isn't enough resources then not alot of organisms will be able to survive.

Limting Factors

Factors that influence carriying capacity

Predator/prey relationships in the Savanna

Lion and a Gazzelle

Energy Roles

Producer- Things that Produe to other organisms; Jackalberry tree

Consumers- A person or thing that eats uses something;Zebras,warthog

Omnivore-An animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin; Redbille Oxpecker

Herbivore- An animal that feeds on plants; giraffe

Carnivore- Animals that feeds on flesh;Lion

Decomposers- Organisms that decompose organic material; Vultures

Scavengers- an animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse.

       Food Chains Vs. Food Webs

Food webs  are more realistic than food chains because it shows the producers and has more than a few organims


if you remove one population from the food web then the organism that eats that organism for food would die of hunger.

Energy Pyramids

                        The Shape

The energy pyramid shows that each feeding level has less energy than the one below it. and it goes from producer , primary consumer , secondary consumer , and tertiary consumer. when you go up the pyramid your getting smaller from your factors.

Why Producers are at the top of the pyramid

The producers are what start the food chains , food webs , and energy pyramids. If you didn't have those producers then you couldn't have food chains , food webs , and energy pyramids.

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