All about me!!!

    You may know me as the 3rd president pf the United States.  I was born on April 13,1743 in Albemarle,Virginia.  At age 26 I decided to build my dream home, even though I didn't spend much time at home.  I spent most of my time in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and in Europe. Even though sometimes I wish I was at home.

    I married Martha Skelton well... Martha Jefferson now in 1772.  We had six kids, Martha and Mary are the only ones who lived through adulthood.  

    In 1776 I signed the Declaration  of Independence.  In 1779 I became the governor of Virginia.  In 1789 my dear friend, George Washington made me the Secretary of State.  In 1789 I was the vice president. I liked that so much in 1800 I was elected for president.  Now that was a bunch a work,but I served for a second term anyway.

Answer these questions: 1.What is my birthday?                                             2.How many children total have I had?                               3.How many terms did I serve as president?

Resources:Page 71 in the textbook                                                    

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