Careers in Agriculture

By: Marie , Malavika , Esperanza , & Josie

Alll about Zoologists !


Zoologists study animals and their behaviors.

Basic Skills:

-study animals and behavior

-estimate plant and wildlife populations

-organize and conduct experimental studies

-create programs to prevent wildlife diseases

-analyze data and information

-document or record information

-interact with computers

Working Conditions and Demands:

-need patience with animals

-ability to concentrate for long periods of time

-strong communication skills

-carry out information accurately and organized

Work Hours and Travel:

-30-40 hours per week working

-communicate with the public or government

Educational/Licensing Experience Requirements:

-need degree in zoology, animal ecology, animal behavior or conservation

-cellular biology degree

-anatomical sciences background

-ecology knowledge


-$50,330 per year

-$26.61 hourly

All about Animal Breeders !


Animal Breeders Usually breed animals for show. They work genetics to get a perfect animal. Kind of like Secretariat . A lot of people didn't think that he could keep his pace because his father didn't have good stamina.Animal breeders will also just breed the same animal over again . They could just be known as a golden retriever breeder or cat breeder.Most animals they breed are pure blood. Exceptions are : Golden-doodles. they are a mix of poodles and golden retrievers .Usually if you are breeding small animals (cats ,dogs, bunnies etc.) You don't need a license . Big animal breeders- exotic breeders ( giraffes, tigers, lions ).They will need to get a bachelors degree in Veterinary science , People have to be care full where they buy there pets . IF they buy them from a pet store from lets say a mall… they wont know anything about the dogs history of the animal . If u buy from a breeder then you will maybe know more about the animals history of health and it's personality . Most dogs that are bought from pet stores usually come from places called puppy mills . Puppy mills are places when people breed the same dogs over and over again without rest. The puppies that are born to theses parents are either damaged (missing body parts , body parts don't work) Or they are fine and used for the same purpose as there parents. The money that most breeders earn is 37,230

All about Veterinarians !


  • Vets help care for the health of animals and work to improve public health.
  • They treat, diagnose, and research medical conditions of pets, livestock and other animals
  • Most vets have a private clinic they work at but some work for the government, travel to farms to treat livestock, or they might work in classrooms or laboratories.
  • To become a vet you need to have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from a Veterinary college and a state licence.
  • The median annual wage for veterinarians was $84,460 in May 2012
  • Some vets are equine vets who treat horses.
  • Some vets specialize in food safety and inspection. They check livestock for illness that can be transmitted to humans.
  • Others are research vets who do research on animal and human conditions.
  • Rural vets are most likely to travel than having a private business.
  • The risk of being bitten, scratched, or kicked by frightened patients are always there.
  • Vets have to be careful when interacts with patients because disease can be transmitted.
  • Over 62,000 vets are employed nationwide.

All about Nursery Workers !


Basic Skills:Some of the green workers do landscaping or maintain the grounds.The equipment they use are sod laying,mowing,trimming,fertilizing,some digging,and sprinkler installation.

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The Salary:The average for Nursery worker was $20,020 in May 2011.The amount is equivalent to $9.62 per hour.The TOP 10 percent made $25,740 on average per year,equal to $12.30 per hour.The lowest 10 percent of workers made an average of $17,040 annually or 8.19 per our.

Other interesting information-Gardeners and those who like to work with plants are often reffered to as having a “Green Thumb.

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