Jason Paul Charvat - Amateur Photographer

An Information Technology project, program and portfolio executive currently engaged by Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Device division based in in Jacksonville, Florida, Jason Paul Charvat often finds himself shuttling between various geographical locations as he works to ensure projects are completed to clients’ expectations. On virtually all of these trips, once work is done, he finds time to relax and do some sightseeing. Always traveling with a camera, Charvat takes such opportunities as a time to get some beautiful pictures taken.

Jason Paul Charvat considers himself an amateur photographer who doesn’t get tired to work on his interest. By constantly reading up on photography tips and practicing what he picks up from friends that are perhaps better at this than he is.

Be open to learn

The good thing about being an amateur photographer is the chance to always learn something new. As Jason Paul Charvat knows, inspiration is always around, and you just have to keep an open eye to take advantage of the opportunities.

Take photos regularly

Try and take photos on a regular basis, daily if possible. Regular practice enables you to remember what you learn and also keeps you motivated to keep improving.“If I need a few quick photos - ’ll take a few shots on my phone and use some apps to make it visually stunning, but that’s the trick side of photography. Usually I post them on a social media site and use bold colors or

Take advantage of free resources

The amount of information available online regarding photography can be overwhelming, but it’s a good bet you’ve probably found a site or two with worthwhile information. Start with a few articles on topics like exposure, rule of thirds, and viewpoints, among others. Pay particular attention to what experienced professionals have to say regarding technique.

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