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Self Magazine Sale, $4.50

Pick up a 1-year subscription to Self Magazine for $4.50. This comes with 12 issues. Use coupon code 0847 during checkout to receive the discount. Each issue features tips on fitness, nutritional recipes, workout routines and more.  Also, it will feature new beauty products and fashion trends.

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Pricing Gun Labels for labeling your products!

Beginning with the first patent for a price marking device back in 1899, the need and efficiency of pricing guns have grown along with the retail sector both in the national as well as international market. Used in the retail sector for over 60 years, pricing gun labels have proven to be an economical, highly-efficient method of putting the price on the item for easy display. One of the most common usage of labeling guns is for price marking.

The pricing gun is a very versatile tool, not only helping price up articles for sale, but also helping take an inventory of stock. They come with differing capabilities, and that is important when choosing equipment for your business. Pricing gun labels come in many different sizes and configurations to fill various functions. The most common among them is Pricing, Inventory coding, and Date coding.

The labels will come with a preprinted message or logo on them, and still leave room for the pricing gun to print the inventory code or price on the label. The color of the label itself as well as the ink used to print the message can vary, opening up a tremendous amount of possibilities.

Therefore browse over the exciting range of Pricing Gun Labels at www.Pricinggunsworld.com and find the one suitable for your business.

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