Read A Long Walk to Water By: Linda Sue Park

By Riley Laessig

In the book A Long Walk to Water the main character Salva was caught in the middle of a war in southern Sudan. He is forced to leave his village and not go home. This is the true story of Salva Dut who Linda Sue Park the author of this novel met in person and was "Inspired by Salvas story"(Harcourt) Salva survived through starvation, dehydration, and being without his family. (Harcourt) Salva is now providing clean water for the Sudanese people.(Harcourt) Linda Sue Park said," No matter how many times I hear Salva Dut's story, I'm moved everytime because Salva is so pationate about surviving what he did." Scholastic

Linda Sue Park Biography

She was born March, 30 1960 in Illinois. Her first published piece was a poem she got a $1 check for her peom.(Scholastic) This was her first steps into becoming a great author. She then went on to write many successful books and recieved numerous awards including one for A Long Walk to Water.

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